51-08 WARHAMMER Tyrnid Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord

51-08 WARHAMMER Tyrnid Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord

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An ideal starting point for the gamer interested in the strange worlds and epic battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, this bundle collects together everything a potential hobbyist could need – miniatures, rules, a gaming mat, clippers, glue, paints and a brush!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Thunder And Blood

This starter set contains 44 miniatures from the Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound armies, supplied in red and gold plastic:

- 2 units of 5 Liberators each armed with Warhammers and Sigmarite Shields, including a Liberator-Prime;
- 3 Prosecutors armed with Celestial Hammers, including a Prosecutor-Prime;
- 3 Retributors armed with Lightning Hammers, including a Retributor-Prime;
- 1 Lord Relictor armed with Relic Hammer;
- 2 units of 10 Bloodreavers each armed with Reaver Blades, including a Chieftain and Icon Bearer;
- 5 Blood Warriors armed with Goreaxes and Gorefists, including a Chaos Champion;
- 1 Khorgorath;
- 1 Bloodstoker armed with Torture Blade and Blood Whip;

along with a 96-page rulebook containing an easy to follow guide to setting up and playing games, 4 Battleplans, Warscrolls that explain how each miniature acts in battle, and guides and explanations to using Citadel paints on your new miniatures.

It also contains a double-sided gaming mat, representing different areas of the Mortal Realms, 6 dice, a measuring stick, a rules reference card and a Stormcast Eternals transfer sheet: even the internal box tray doubles up as a scenery piece!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Citadel Essentials

This set contains everything you need to get your miniatures clipped of their sprues, glued together and painted ready for war. It contains:

- 5g Plastic Glue
- a set of clippers
- a Citadel Starter Brush

and 13 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paints:

- Retributor Armour
- Imperial Primer
- Agrellan Earth
- Kantor Blue
- Reikland Fleshshade
- Ceramite White
- Leadbelcher
- Mournfang Brown
- Averland Sunset
- Khorne Red
- Drakenhof Nightshade
- Zandri Dust
- Bugman’s Glow