0008 AAME. Danske lygtepæle. 10 stk. Højde 40 mm. N

0008 AAME. Danske lygtepæle. 10 stk. Højde 40 mm. N

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Model/Varenr.: 15004 010 0008
Vægt: 0.04 kg.
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Danske lygtepæle der i foden er 1,0 mm

Vejledning til opsætning er på bagsiden af pakken. Den er utrolig nem.

Spænding skal være mellem 12 - 20 volt

15-004 is a simple modern street lamp, suitable as a street lamp on N and Z scale layouts in Epochs IV, V & VI. The lamp is also suitable as a wall lamp for 00, H0, TT and N scale buildings, as well as it makes a decent garden lamp for bigger scales. The lamp is made from copper piping and the light source is a 3V warm white LED. The installed lamp height can be anywhere from 3.8 cm and lower. The lamp is supplied with a 1K Ohm resistor and has approx. 25 cm of wires. The lamp will work with any conventional model train power supply AC or DC when installed using the included resistor. The lamp is the same style as 15-005 and can be used in connection with this, if different sizes/heights are required. Each pack has a printed multi-language manual on how to install the lamp.

Overall Dimensions excl. wires - H: 40 mm, W: 1.5 mm, D: 5 mm, Ø: 1 mm

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